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Order Entry

Our order entry process gives you lots of flexibility. You can quickly enter product codes or use the search feature to lookup and find just the right product. You can also manage order lines with the ability to delete unwanted products with a simple click of a button as well as add custom pricing for each line.

  • Enter orders while on the phone with a customer. Quickly enter product code and quantity for order creation.
  • View current inventory information as you enter the order.
  • Override the list price, if desired. The system will highlight the changed price so it's easily recognized as a non-list price.
  • Search for existing customers by name, city, phone, or email. Or, easily add a new customer.
  • Resume the order entry process from any workstation. Orders are created in a "workspace" by user, allowing users to stop the order entry process at any time without losing any data.
  • Order numbers are not assigned until after the order is submitted.
  • Import orders directly from Web store products such as Able Commerce.
Order Entry

Manage Your Customers

  • Record both customer Bill To and Ship To addresses.
  • Identify Address Type as residential or business.
  • Identify Business Type - with categories relevant to your customer base.
  • Distinguish between Order Type - identifying orders received via the Web, phone, email, fax, etc.
  • Identify the lead source of the order.
  • Identify where the order came from by the suffix - which remains a part of the order number throughout the cycle.
  • User fields available.