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STL Technology believes your company will benefit when you are allowed to focus more of your time on building your business, and allow us to assist with the management of your business, keeping costs down and providing tools to market products. Our market-leading order management system (OrderNexus) was designed to be a turnkey solution for all our clients. Don't pay thousands of dollars to develop, install, and maintain software & thousands more on new hardware. If you have a computer connected to the Internet via DSL or cable and a Web browser, the only thing you need to buy is the right to access our order management system via a secure connection. We run the Order Management System on our servers, manage the entire infrastructure, keeping the system running 24/7, and backup your database.

Initial Setup Fee — $1,750

Monthly Usage Fees

The monthly fee is based upon the number of unique users.

   Number of Unique Users User
   Price Per User $125 $80 $70 $60 $50
Example: Client XYZ has 25 employees. 12 of his employees will need access to the Order Management System. The monthly fee would be $125 (for first user) + $320 (4 x $80 for 2nd thru 5th users) + $350 (5 x $70 for 6th thru 10th users) + $120 (2 x $60 for 11th and 12th user) = $915 per month.

Services included

  • Access to all features of OrderNexus. You will also have access to modifications and/or enhancements that STL Technology makes to the software.
  • Phone support with Account Executive, dedicated to meeting your specific needs and providing solutions.
  • Database backup - daily to disk & weekly to different location.
  • 24/7 Online Support - via our Web site with frequently asked questions and knowledge database.

*Please note: Clients may suggest modifications or enhancements, specific to their own business. STL Technology will provide a quote for development costs associated with any client-specific requests. Clients may also suggest modifications or enhancements that can be used by any and all users. Development of any of these changes would be solely at STL Technology's discretion, and would be provided at no additional cost to any of the clients.

Order Management System - $1,500 Initial Setup Fee includes the following services

  • Questionnaire to collect information regarding client's operations. Typical questions are related to sales tax, shipping partners and methods, payment methods and gateways, products, categories, email addresses and formats, etc.
  • 8-hour telephone contact for initial setup tasks and training.
  • STL Technology will help the client configure the system, but the client is responsible for entering all data related to products, customers, vendors, sales orders, purchase orders, inventory, and any historical data. Clients have the option to pay an additional fee to use STL Technology's resources to import data into the Order Management System.